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Real People Health
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Welcome to Real People Health
Your  Gateway  to a Healthier Life

    Thank you for visiting the website of Real People Health office:
Dr. Igor Sklovskiy, DC, CCSP chiropractic and Massage therapy facility.
Our staff create a professional, friendly and comfortable atmosphere in the office.
We will help you to restore normal motion into your body.
In fact, research has shown that motion is so critical to our body’s health that a lack of motion has a detrimental effect on everything from digestion to our emotional state, immune function, our ability to concentrate, how well we sleep and even to how long we live.
If your lifestyle does not include enough motion or your joint pain does not allow a normal range of motion, your body cannot function efficiently.

      First, you will not be as physically healthy and will suffer from a wide variety of physical ailments, ranging from headaches to high blood pressure.
Second, you will not be as productive in your life because of reduced energy levels and the lack of ability to focus.
Third, because you have less energy, your activity level will tend to drop off even further over time, creating a downward spiral of reduced energy and less activity until you get to a point where even the demands of a sedentary job leave you physically exhausted at the end of the day.